People Nowadays Boogie Down

Time to put your swag on because there will be… People Nowadays Boogie Down!

People Nowadays Boogie Down

People Nowadays Boogie Down

Date: 21/07/2018
Venue: Roemah Kantja, Jl. Raya Candi II No. 316 Malang.
Performers: Presenting insightful sharing sessions from Indonesia’s hip hop finests as well as performances from @panteranegramlg, @eyestheticmlg, and 8Ball. Sharing session hosted by @tuantigabelas, @blessthemicyo, and @dj_cruzzy. Live bombing by RACON 3. Hosted by @oneding and @delyciousxx.
Ticket: Free of Charge.
More Info: IG @kemenbudur


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